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hey i'm brooke

Podcaster, Speaker, Comedian (allegedly), Designer, Photo + Videographer

I write parody songs,
I have been sober since 2016
& my middle name is Redelle.

From a single mom, suffering in addiction on government assistance to a married, sober, thriving author, public speaker, entrepreneur & coach.


Brooke is a passionate advocate for recovery and overdose awareness. She has first hand experience of what it is like to lose a family member to the disease of addiction and through her own healing journey she has turned her pain into purpose.

She now speaks on virtual & IRL stages across North America (and even New Zealand) sharing her journey of hope and healing and helps other sober entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. 

ps i love karaoke!

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 As a young girl I dreamed of having a published book. I have not only accomplished that dream, I help others do it too.

Not Today Fear
my pandemic book
Bucky the Ducky
my first book
Brooke Robichaud

my mantra


What made me sober up?

My friends used to call me Brunk!... (Brooke + Drunk)

I'm not even joking. That was my nick name and I lived up to it.


People saw a party girl but I was miserable, full of shame, living in poverty and riddled with insecurity. I was desperately searching for confidence and I tried everything from self-help books, counselling, emailing Dr. Phil to starting a new diet, making a new resolution or declaring a fresh start. Nothing worked.  I felt cursed, I felt like a fraud, I felt hopeless.


The more I let myself down the lower my self-esteem got and the more I needed a drink. The more I drank the more I messed up, lied and cheated. The more I messed up, the more I'd need to drink to relieve the guilt. It was an endless downward spiral.

My last hangover was one for the books. I was having panic attacks, laying in the bottom of the shower pleading for God to take the feeling away. The guilt, the shame, the booze was all coming to the surface and I couldn't take it. I surrendered. I got honest for the first time and I joined a 12 step program that helped me figure out how to be human without, my only solution to life, alcohol.

I never in a million years thought I would be YEARS sober, married with 3 beautiful kids, an author, podcaster, business owner, living a life with endless possibility and opportunity. ​ 


I believe that success is just like recovery. We only get it when we give it away which is why I am so passionate about helping sober, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs launch their businesses and build a life of success and freedom that they thought was only possible in their dreams.

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"Imperfection Only"

Messy is encouraged here. No judgment. You have complete freedom to f**ck it all up and try again. Go for it, learn from it and share it with this community. You are not alone anymore. <3

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