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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Recovery apparel lines have been popping up ever where and it is becoming easier than ever to create your own line!

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your own designs being sported by your favourite sober creators? That dream could be a reality TODAY!

*This blog post contains affiliate links*

Your first step is to create an account with Printful an on demand apparel printing company that is going to save you hours and thousands of dollars. There are a few drop shipping brands you can choose for this but Printful has been my favourite because you can add your own branding their shipping packaging and the have the best selection of customizable apparel that I have found.

After you create an account you can start uploading your designs in minutes. Make sure you remove the background of your designs if you don't want it to have a background on the shirt. You can do this with free apps, the pro version of Canva or the pro version of Printful.

You will need a website or etsy account to connect Printful to. For my clients I use mostly Wix or Squarespace. They have made it so easy that my teenaged son has created his own store.

I have seen TikTok videos of people making insane passive income through Print On Demand and so I thought I would give it a try.

Not to get heavy but I have been seriously affected by the overdose crisis. In 2020 I lost my little brother. He was 23 years old and wasn't into hard drugs. He tried them once and now he's not here anymore. In his memory I made some apparel to help raise money to stop this crisis.

Check out my line for Overdose Awareness. All proceeds go to helping organizations that are working to end the overdose crisis.

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